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The Magic Closet Inc.
201 West Grand Blvd, Windsor, ON  N9E 3W7
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 About Us

Welcome to The Magic Closet Theme Parties, where Themes really do come true!  Visit our beautifully themed 2400 square foot location offering 2 large party rooms and parents are always welcome to stay!

Our motto is simple: We want the experience to be just as good for you as it is for your child. We know life is busy and that birthdays and events are memorable. What we want from our visiting parents is simply one thing: sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Leave the running around to us.

We offer several Themes suitable for all ages, both boys & girls! We personalize all our parties for their special day. The Magic Closet is one of a kind and our love for creativity and perfection is ever changing and endless.

We promise you our service will be impeccable and that our attention to detail will not only be unique, but unbeatable.

Why Choose Us

Simply because I too am a busy Mom who leads a busy life so I understand the need to want to just sit and enjoy parties and socialize with our guests. Forget the mess after the party, at The Magic Closet, you don’t have to worry about it. Leave all that to us!

You may think that you are saving so much money to have it at home, and at times, you might. But factor in the running around, the preparing of food, making or buying a cake, organizing and shopping for all the loot bags, etc, etc. And again, we can’t forget the mess!

Our promise to you is to provide you a fabulous personalized party at a comparable rate that you would at home without all the errands, stress and clean-up. We love what we do, so let us do it for you!

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2012 Biz X WINNER for BEST Super Duper Child’s Play!

 Thank you for making this possible!